Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Teen Review: The Princess Bride!

Reviewed by Amy Sepulveda, grade 11

William Goldman’s The Princess Bride is one of the most adventurous, fun, and exciting books I have ever read. It is known as a love story, but it contains so much action, fantasy and comedic elements that sometimes readers entirely fall into a trance reading it.

The story begins by introducing a young girl named Buttercup, who lives on a farm. She constantly orders the “farmboy” named Westley to do simple tasks for her that she could just as easily do; he always does them anyway. The two come to realize they are profoundly in love with each other. Buttercup and Westley want to be married, but since Westley is poor, he cannot afford their wedding. He goes to sea to seek a great fortune, but soon Buttercup and her parents find out that he was kidnapped and killed by a pirate. Buttercup eventually becomes engaged to Prince Humperdink, who only wants Buttercup for her beauty, while knowing that Buttercup will never love him, nor will he love her. From this point on, spectacular adventure takes place, none of which can be mentioned because it will contain spoilers. There are some remarkable plot twists that will blow the reader’s mind.

The Princess Bride is truly an amazing story and honestly does not appeal to just girls. Each character is fully developed, complex, and realistic. I loved every page of this book, and even though it has been a couple of years since I’ve read it, it is still one of my top 10 favorites. The entire book is a daring adventure in which readers of all ages can engross themselves. I would recommend The Princess Bride to anyone, but a 6th grade reading level and higher is probably preferable. This book most definitely deserves a rating of 10/ 10.

Editor's note: Amy! You wrote this review without mentioning the movie--I certainly hope you have seen it, because it's as much of a classic as is the book! I second Amy's high opinion of the book, and recommend you invite over all your friends, make a big bowl of popcorn, and enjoy the movie sometime soon!

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