Sunday, August 9, 2015

Teen Poetry

Elephant Animal Cracker

by Melody T.

While walking home I accidentally crushed an animal cracker on the ground.
I stared down at the dismembered figure of a sand-colored elephant.

And it reminded me of dreams,
Of how fragile their destiny is,
How easily it can alter at the hands of another–
Be crushed by the accidental misstep of a teenage girl.
I continued my walk and saw a dandelion sway in the aggressive wind,
It being pulled forced to take flight,
To travel beyond places it would’ve never been otherwise.
Perhaps into a home, the bottom of a sewer, the tip of a king’s crown miles away.
Under the command of the wind its destination wholesomely changed
Like the lizard that stood next to me while I watched,
Like the tall tree I looked at every day on my walk but never really saw,
Never really noticed its tall stature filled with green and beauty.
It felt that it never made a difference on my daily walk–
Until now.
Until now I realized it provided me with shade.
My route would never be the same without this unnoticed humble tree.
Its leaves not asking for anything in return,
My face content and unburned.
And I wondered,
Can something exist and contain its originality while being at the knees of another?
Like the earth to the universe,
Flower petals to the wind,
The construction of a house on an expanse of land,
Or a stumbling foot not sure where to stand.

Editor's note: We seem to have some teens who like the idea of publishing poetry on the blog--if there are more of you, perhaps we will create a poetry PAGE, that you can reach from clicking on a tab at the top. So if you want your poetry featured here, please email it to!

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