Sunday, July 19, 2015

Teen Review: More of Savannah Reid

Sugar and Spite
by G.A.McKevett
278 pages
Adult mystery series
Recommended for grade 10 and up

Reviewed by Kayla, grade 11

Valentine’s Day is approaching and Savannah is trying to enjoy the decorations and the candy. But when her ex-police partner Dirk Coulter is blamed for a crime that he says he didn’t commit, Savannah is on the trail of yet another mystery. This time it’s not looking very hopeful for Dirk, as Savannah runs into one dead end (no pun intended) after another. So she brings in her friends--Ryan and John, Tammy, and a young, aspiring detective named Jake--to help her take down the real killer. Can she do it before Dirk gets into real trouble??

So I’ve already raved about the characters, and the plots. Now I’m going to talk about the names. The name of this one is Sugar and Spite. If you’ve read any of these books so far then you know all about Savannah’s love of sweets and food in general. Therefore, Sugar and Spite is more than appropriate. Some other names are as follows: Murder A La Mode, Peaches and Screams, Buried in Buttercream, and Corpse Suzette. There are many more but I put a few of my favorites. Everyone should read these books at least once!!

I rate this book as a 5.

Editor's note: McKevett has a love of puns as well as sweets!

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