Saturday, July 25, 2015

Teen review: Fantasy and vendetta

Elementaro, by David Vos, is a 201-page fantasy novel that follows Aiden and David, two teenage boys who lead spectacularly uneventful lives. Elementaro is the first book in the series, but the other books have not yet been published. The book could be middle to high school reading level but is enjoyable for anyone interested.

MIT-bound David is always creating new gadgets and taking care of his little sister, Verada, or “V,” since their abusive, alcoholic father is utterly incapable of this encumbering task. David is fed up with his life in his home town and cannot wait until the end of the summer when he can move to Massachusetts with his best friend, Aiden--until he discovers that he is a Cronotian. Aiden’s parents wait until the morning after his grad night to tell him they are Elementaros--a special kind of people who can control the elements based upon their emotions. Aiden finds out that the Elementaros and their rivals, the Cronotians, have a bitter vendetta that has lasted longer than anyone can remember.

This busy adventure novel will keep any reader entirely enthralled for days. This is a unique story of friendship and war, and will speak to any reader who picks it up. Readers will be glued to this book full of suspense and some annoying but necessary cliffhangers, even after they finish it. Despite it being a fantasy, it is easy to relate to the characters because of their wonderful development. It is clear that Vos spent a great deal of time getting each personality and quirks just right while connecting many things throughout the story. Readers who are fans of the Percy Jackson series will thoroughly enjoy this breathtaking novel.

Reviewed by Amy Sepulveda, grade 10

Editor's note: Elementaro is not in our library catalog, and in fact we are unable to purchase it through our library vendor. But Amy says you can get it through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Maybe an appropriate use of one of those B&N cards you win from Burbank Public Library during Teen Summer Reading???

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