Thursday, June 4, 2015

Teen Review: Possible apocalypse

We All Looked Up, the 370-page book by Tommy Wallach, is very simple, but speaks volumes. It involves six teenagers, but is told from four of their points of view. Although all four of these teenagers are from completely different ends of the popularity spectrum and believe that they could never share anything in common, that is quickly proven wrong when they all face the same rushed possibility, death. The story involves them coming to terms with waiting to be killed by an unstoppable asteroid, discovering their true dreams that they might have compromised, and learning about the flaws buried in every family.

This book is filled with questions that only the reader can answer. This is surprisingly refreshing. I cannot express how much this book made me reflect on life and question the accomplishments we are told are worth taking risks for, as opposed to those that are a “waste of time.” When placed in a situation such as this one, is it better to do what will make your last moments satisfying or filled with regret? When is doing what you want--over doing what you’re told you should want--unjustifiable? These are the questions I was left to ponder, long after I had finished the book.

I must admit the beginning chapters slightly dragged and almost made me want to stop reading. However, the story became immensely more intriguing once the panic of an asteroid possibly wiping out the human race plagued the population’s mind and caused desperate actions. Due to this, I rate it 4 out of 5 stars. Another component I really enjoyed was the awesome-looking cover, which intrigued me all on its own and did portray the contents waiting inside. In addition, there is a soundtrack to listen to while reading, composed by the author himself, which was just another rare awesome detail!

Reviewed by Melody, Grade 11

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