Friday, May 8, 2015

Teen review: Historical fiction

Cold Mountain, by Charles Frazier, is a young adult novel* that will keep you wanting more. This 1997 historical fiction novel follows the story of W. P. Inman and Ada Monroe as the point of view switches between chapters. Inman is a wounded deserter who is fighting as a Confederate soldier in the American Civil War. Ada, who is the love of his life, is waiting for W.P. on her farm in his home town of Cold Mountain. The 356-page novel won the National Book Award for Fiction and I would recommend this book to those at a high school reading level. Even though I obviously wasn’t alive during the time in which the book is set, everything seems very historically accurate. Additionally, the hard times faced during such a brutal war are made up for by a beautiful love story creating a perfect balance of love and loss.

*Editor's note: While we agree that this is a riveting novel, and that it may be suitable for young adults--and in fact does appear on some high school reading lists--this book was written for adults and is shelved in the adult fiction section at Burbank Public Library. We also have the DVD of the movie made from the book.

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