Thursday, March 5, 2015

Teen review: Fantasy series

The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel is part of a New York Times bestselling series written by Michael Scott. It contains 369 pages and is a relatively quick read. It is a fictional book pertaining to fantasy. This book is the first in its series, which contains six books total. It is a series that should be read in order to fully understand. I would personally say the reading level is between 7th to 10th grade, but I would not restrict this good read from anyone who wants to read it.

This book revolves around fraternal twins, brother and sister, whose names are Sophie and Josh Newman. Their parents are archaeologists, and they live pretty normal lives except for the fact that they move around a lot. The twins take up summer jobs when they are 15 so they can save up money for a car like every other teenager. One day their completely and totally normal lives turn upside down, not to mention do some flips along the way, as they find out the true identity of their bosses through an unbelievable turn of events. Magic exists, and they are about to be thrust into it. Although their involvement may seem like just a case of bad luck, as you read on you may find something about them that doesn’t meet the human eye. Follow Sophie and Josh Newman’s journey through a world no one thought existed, where they need to adapt quickly because it seems they and the entire world may be in more than just mortal danger. The legend of Nicholas Flamel lives on.

Although this book has an interesting plot and ends in a partial cliffhanger, I just couldn’t fully immerse myself in the story as I normally do. It was still good; it just didn’t keep my attention. I feel that, although it was entertaining, I need to read the rest of the series and get the whole story to truly appreciate it. Sophie and Josh Newman are relatable teens in the way that their fears and troubles would be those of any person in their situation. I give this book a solid 3, “readable/entertaining,” for that’s exactly what it was for me. It’s not necessarily a must-read, but it’s still a good book. My mind might change though as I read the rest of the series.

Reviewed by Marlena, grade 9

Editor's note: Coincidentally, next week on Tuesday night we will be discussing this very same book, since it was the 6+7 Book Club's choice for our February read. After we have our discussion, perhaps we will add other opinions to Marlena's, here on the blog!

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