Thursday, March 12, 2015

Teen review: Aliens rule the earth!

The 5th Wave, by Rick Yancey, is a Sci-Fi novel in which aliens have attacked Planet Earth and have almost succeeded in killing all that is left of humankind. It begins with Cassie, the girl named for Cassieopia. She’s hiding out in the woods with her M16.

Then there’s Ben. Ben Parish, aka Zombie. He’s not an actual Zombie (even though the 3rd Wave is a disease that was spread by birds). He gets that nickname in a military camp.

We can’t forget Commander Vosch. Savior to some, ruthless killer to others. He’s the brains of the military camp.

These are our characters, and a smoldering, disease-ridden, rotting world is our stage.

All in all, this 457-page book was just okay. I must say that the ending was unsatisfying for me, the characters were a little hard to get invested in, and I really really wanted to learn more about the alien culture. Because of these reasons I rate this book as a 4.5 stars out of 5. It has some mild swearing, and at one point an F-bomb is dropped. Other than that it’s pretty tame, so middle to high school would be the perfect reading level.

In the end, it just didn’t get me excited like Afterworlds, or City of Bones, or The Night Circus.

Reviewed by Isabella C., grade 9

Editor's note: I guess I liked this book a lot better than Isabella did! Here's what I had to say in July of 2013 on Goodreads, right after I read it:

The voices are fresh and interesting, the action is exciting, and I loved the overall premise. Why are we so fascinated with aliens-take-over-the-world scenarios? I don't know, but this is one of the best I've read in a long time. I particularly liked how Cassie, the smart-mouthed girl protagonist, mocks your typical American movie scenario in which a ragtag little band of humans gets out the nukes and the missiles and the jet fighters and somehow triumphs. Excellent story line, great characters, good progression between narrators, tension maintained throughout--this was a book with good writing and good editing!

If you read and enjoy the book, the sequel is now out, and we have copies at Burbank Public Library!

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