Saturday, February 21, 2015

Teen review: New Dystopian

by Ally Condie
368 pages
For 8th grade up

Reviewed by Patrick Castro, grade 11

Atlantia by Ally Condie is the novel I wished she had written before Matched, because it was amazing! It was the type of novel Matched wasn't, and it exceeded my expectations! Atlantia was explosive, racing, and definitely exciting. So happy I picked it up, and I hope you do too!

Atlantia is about a girl named Rio who has dreamed, for as long as she can remember, of going to the Above. Her sister, Bay, made the life-shattering choice to go Above, and now all Rio has left is herself. Ever since their parents' deaths, Bay and Rio have been inseparable, but now Rio has to use her instincts to fight her way through a misguided and dangerous world. I really liked reading Rio's story! She was such an easy character to relate too and connect with, she brought the story alive. Plus she had such a ease to her that made the book so light to read. While we have no actual scenes with Bay, Condie made her sound interesting and she does give reasons as to why she goes Above.

The book had great actions scenes also! But Atlantia mainly focused on the aspect of deception--whether Rio should trust her aunt, believe her mom and the goodness of her society and trust a new boy. The book tackled these issues in a good way. As the story went on, Condie did have some romance going on, but unlike other dystopians, I'm happy to say there was no love triangle!

Cheers for Condie! 

Over all, Atantia was a breathe of fresh air. The concept of Above and Below was intriguing and well thought out. Rio and all the others had the perfect amount of characterization, and the book had some great action scenes, I was surprised how much I ended up liking the book! Definitely give this a try, especially if you read Condie's Matched series or are looking for something new :)

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