Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What we're reading: Fantasy/Romance

Cruel Beauty
by Rosemary Hodges.
346 pages
10th grade and up
Stand-alone novel--hurray!

Reviewed by Anarda

I’m a sucker for a slightly off-kilter fantasy/romance, and this book wooed me nicely. Nyx has been trained in the hermetic arts from birth for the purposes of avenging her mother’s death in childbirth and of ridding her island nation (vaguely British) from a demonic creature known as the Gentle Lord. And she will accomplish both these things by her marriage to this demon, for she has been betrothed to him since her father made a fool’s bargain with the creature, one that cost him her mother’s life and cost Nyx a carefree and loving childhood and adolescence. She tries to hold on to her honorable intentions and her certainty that she or the demon must die for the sake of everyone and everything she holds dear, but she can’t forget the anger and resentment she also feels for her beloved and indulged twin sister, for her cold and pedantic father, for her aunt (who is “secretly” sharing her father’s bed while pretending to be a virtuous influence), and for the silly townspeople and villagers she is expected to save at the cost of her life. Naturally, this anger makes her far more interesting to the Gentle Lord than a fearful and/or honor-driven bride would be, and the two of them (and his mysterious shadow servant, Shade) begin a strange and beguiling dance of self-discovery--and desire. Interesting!

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