Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Teen review: Sci Fi Romance

by Jennifer L Armentrout
179 pages
Science fiction/romance
8th grade and above

Reviewed by Madeleine B., grade 10

Shadows, a prequel novella to the Jennifer L. Armentrout The Lux Series, is a fantastic prequel to this amazing story. Similar to the original series that is based on Daemon and Katy's forbidden love, Dawson and Bethany are what start the whole dilemma. Basically, Dawson is an alien and Bethany is a human, and like in The Lux series with Katy and Daemon, Dawson heals Bethany after getting hurt and turns her into a hybrid. They're forbidden to be together due to their different backgrounds, but they're determined to be together no matter what it takes.

I picked up this book after finishing The Lux Series, and this book should definitely be read before the series. It sets up the plot perfectly, giving necessary background information and the start of the situation. Many important characters are introduced in this prequel who later play major roles. I give this prequel a 5/5 because it had the same cute atmosphere as the first book of the five-part series while still having a great plot of its own, and was a great introduction. I think it's a great lead-in to the series, leaving you eager for more of Jennifer L. Armentrout's writing!

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