Thursday, January 29, 2015

Teen review: Paranormal romance

White Hot Kiss
by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Paranormal romance

400 pages
High School and above

Reviewed by Madeleine B., grade 10

A book titled White Hot Kiss might send out the wrong signals, but no, don't worry, this isn't a book solely about romance and kissing and hotness and whatnot. Yes, a kiss does play a major part in the book, but not in the way you'd expect. Layla thinks she's an unwanted, pitied misfit. The thing is that she's in a bit of a demigod type of situation in that she's part Warden (gargoyle) and part demon. What a combination, right? Don't forget she also happens to live in a house full of Wardens, half of whom despise her due to her demonic blood. The major problem is that she can literally take your soul away, and all along she believes the wardens only adopted her due to her ability as a Half warden half demon to tag those without souls: Demons.

Well, Layla happens to have a secret she's not yet aware of: She is much more than what she gives herself credit for! I loved this story because she grows so much as a character. She starts as a timid girl, unsure of herself and what she can do, and transforms into a confident girl ready to take on the world and stand up for herself. She discovers shocking things about herself and where she really came from that makes her understand herself even more. Now, where does the "white hot kiss" come in? It basically comes into play when she realizes she's finally capable of finding someone fit for her who she won't kill by taking his soul away while sharing a kiss. It happens that, as she's going through fighting evil and saving the world from a possible apocalypse, she finds her first love as they battle evil together. They stick together, and ultimately one of the two makes the biggest sacrifice possible for the other.

So don't be scared or wary of the title or the cover, because looks can be deceiving (as Layla also discovers in her journey). While it does have an adorably cute romance, it also has an amazing plot line with so many unexpected twists and turns and ups and downs. This was an amazing book, and I plan to continue to read the series. I believe the Dark Elements series is a trilogy, with the second book titled Stone Cold Touch and the third called Every Last Breath (coming out July 2015). I'm looking forward to seeing where life takes Layla, and what else is in store. This book deserves a 5/5 because it really was just captivating and an honestly beautiful story with so much meaning and significance behind it. I loved it!


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