Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Teen review: End of the Lux series

The Lux Series #5)
by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Science fiction
534 pages

Reviewed by Madeleine Britt

Opposition, the fifth and last book in the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, was surprisingly not up to par compared to the rest of the books of the series. What happened there? Well, it became a cliché-- the typical alien invasion story. Which really surprised me, considering that I loved the first four books. I can honestly say Obsidian, the first of the series, is one of my favorite books ever, but Opposition didn't really make it for me. I did enjoy reading it, however. My only problem was the plot; the writing was still as amazing as always. I love Armentrout's writing not only because it's hilarious and extremely entertaining, but also because it's captivating and actually makes me feel as if I were part of the plot the entire time. I love that type of writing.

The Lux Series is about a group of aliens called Luxen--two of whom fall in love with humans who become hybrid Luxen-- Hybrids, and Origins. The major issue in the series is with the dynamics of the relationship between Daemon, a Luxen, and Katy, a Hybrid. Their relationship is a beautiful, well-developed relationship I fell in love with; unfortunately for them, it's forbidden among his kind to reveal his true self-- a Luxen-- to a human, and it is forbidden even more so to heal a human, turning one into a Hybrid as Daemon did. And that is what really makes this series so worthwhile: the sacrifice the two make for each other again and again; the way they hopelessly love each other and stick together through everything they go through--and trust me they go through a whole lot!

In Opposition, they're faced once more with their biggest challenge, an alien invasion by none other than the Luxen themselves. However, they aren't the friendly Luxen who commonly roam the Earth. They're malicious Luxen, literally out of this world, who just want to take over the planet and get rid of humanity. Katy and Daemon come together with their friends to put an end to the chaos in a series of crazy, action-packed scenarios.

It's a good book, though a predictable one, which was the down side. I give Opposition a 3.5 out of 5 because it was entertaining, well-written, but clichéd. I definitely recommend this series to any high schooler who likes YA science fiction books! This a GREAT series! I loved the series and I'm sad to say goodbye. Although it has its flaws in the last book, the series is honestly worthwhile and a creative take on alien life-forms, who actually look like supermodels with outstanding, developed, creative, relateable personalities.

Editor's note: Some reviewers say this series is fine for 7th grade and up, while others specify 10th grade and up! So reader be aware...

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