Sunday, January 18, 2015

Teen review: Classic Stephen King

The Shining
by Stephen King
497 pages
Horror, stand-alone
High school (grade 12) up

Reviewed by Jonathan L., grade 12

The Shining is about a family that gets snowed in inside a hotel that is built above an Indian burial ground, which basically means it’s a haunted hotel. Jack Torrance is a struggling writer who takes a job as the hotel's caretaker and moves there with his entire family. As the story unfolds, so does Jack, as the ghosts of the hotel start to peel and unwind his mind.

The Shining is a horrifying story that forces you to leave the light on at any hotel at which you stay. This book is downright scary in many ways. There were times when I couldn’t even read it at night because it was just too frightening to do so. Character-wise, it’s pretty impressive, but it’s not as if you’re invested with these characters. The only attachment you have is when Jack starts going crazy and you’re reading this book and yelling, “Run! Run! He’s coming!” It’s not only incredibly scary but also creepy. There’s a scene where Jack makes out with a woman and then it turns out to be some dead lady who looks like she was three years into her grave.

Out of five, this is certainly a five. I recommend this to anyone who really wants a good ghost story and to those thrill seekers who love to read a good horror story at night. I do not, however, recommend this to anyone afraid of apparitions, blood, murder, a drunken, insane author bent on killing his entire family, and snow--because if there’s one thing this book has more than scares it’s snow.

This book isn’t as mature as one would think, and minus the violence and the sailors' language, this book can be enjoyed by everyone above the age of thirteen.

Editor's note: Squeamish and easily frightened people please take note of Jonathan's multiple warnings! There are many, many covers for this book, which has been released dozens of times, but I always liked this one with the picture of the hotel on it. The library also offers this as an E-book and, of course, the movie starring Jack as Jack!

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