Saturday, June 28, 2014

Book Review Prizes!

Our six BOOK REVIEW winners (bi-weekly drawing #1):

Eileen K. wins a Target gift card
Christopher A. wins a Best Buy gift card
Joseph Ian G. wins an iTunes gift card
Kayla S. wins one pound of See's Candy
Annie G. wins two AMC movie tickets
Katrina D. wins two AMC movie tickets

Right now, these prizes are at the Reference Desk at the Central Library, so that you can retrieve them TODAY (Saturday) if you wish. But if you would like to pick up your prize at another branch, then email with WHERE, and I will send them there on Monday for Tuesday pick-up.

Congratulations to all our book review writing winners! Our next drawing for book reviews is in TWO WEEKS, so be sure to write us some!

But PLEASE review the SUMMER BOOK REVIEWS guidelines on THIS BLOG. Many of you are writing book summaries (which is not good for sharing, because you're giving "spoilers"), and also, a book review has an OPINION in it. Remember--tell a bit about what the book is about, and THEN say what YOU thought of it! ("I liked the characters because they reminded me of my friends." "I thought the story was good, but the characters were lame." "Everyone should read this book--it's relatable because…")

Happy reading, everyone!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Reading Log Prizes

Drawings from the JARS for the READING LOGS, Week #2:

Andre D. wins an In-N-Out Burger gift card
Emilia C. wins a Ben & Jerry's gift card
Patrick C. wins an AMC movie ticket


Tigran S. wins an In-N-Out gift card
Samantha P. wins a Ben & Jerry's gift card
Sarah C. wins an AMC movie ticket

Ethan A. wins an In-N-Out Burger gift card
Jewell D. wins a Ben & Jerry's gift card
Antonia N. wins an AMC movie ticket

Pick up your prizes at the reference desk of the branch where you won! Be sure to bring some kind of identification--we don't want to give your prize away to the wrong person!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ya wanna be a writah?

If you have aspirations to write, come to our SCIENCE FICTION WRITING WORKSHOP, TODAY! Wednesday, June 25, at 3:00, at the Buena Vista branch. It's being taught by author Brennan Harvey, who was the first-place winner in the prestigious International Writers of the Future contest for the first quarter of 2010. His work has appeared in science fiction magazines and writing anthologies, and this is a great opportunity to learn with and get the inside scoop from a published author!

The subject is world-building: Does your world evoke all the senses? How does scenery make your world believable? Are people living or simply existing in your world? Techniques will include mind mapping (instructor-led), beginning-ending exercises (team collaboration), and love-hate plot building (self-directed).

We ask that you SIGN UP for this workshop, so email with your name, email address, and telephone number TODAY!

But…if you just saw this five minutes before the workshop, come on down--we'll squeeze you in!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Michael Rayner Show

What can you say about MICHAEL RAYNER? A lot, I guess, but in some ways he's INDESCRIBABLE. So you really should come see him for yourself, on Tuesday night (that's June 24) at 7:00 p.m. at the Buena Vista branch!

This is a teen program, but all are welcome to attend. IF you are SIGNED UP for the Teen Summer Reading Program, you will be eligible for a PRIZE DRAWING at the performance. If you are NOT signed up, what are you waiting for? Click that link at the top right of this page (hint: it says "sign up"!) to do so, and then come to the program and WIN!

This and all other Teen Summer Reading Programs are generously funded by the Friends of the Burbank Public Library!