Thursday, June 19, 2014

Friday Movie Fest

This Friday is our first summer MOVIE, and it's a good one--ENDER'S GAME! Young Ender Wiggin is recruited by the international military to train to fight the Formics…but what is the government’s secret agenda? Some of you read the book in book club--now see it on the screen!

CARTOON at 2:30
MOVIE starts promptly at 3:00
Central Library Auditorium

Don't miss it! Everyone is welcome to come, but you must be SIGNED UP to be included in the prize drawing, so click that link at the top right of the page (where it says "sign up," duh) and come to the movie on Friday! You can win movie tickets to AMCbooks in the Ender saga, and more!

See you Friday?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What are you reading???

Yes, summer reading just started, but already we are having a prize drawing! That's right, THIS FRIDAY is our FIRST weekly reading log drawing. So bring your reading log to your branch and get a ticket for each item you have read so far. The drawing is Friday at 3:00 p.m., and you can win Ben & Jerry's, In-n-Out, Starbucks, more! (You DO have to be SIGNED UP to get your reading log and be eligible for this and all drawings, so click that link at the top right of the page *hint, it says "sign up"*, and come get your swag bag right away! Your reading log is inside...)

Here's another helpful hint: We leave all the tickets in the jars throughout the summer, so your odds of winning THIS week are GREAT! Three lucky winners at each branch. Come to the reference desk today…and tomorrow…and Friday before 3:00! (Better yet, come at 2:30 for our MOVIE!)

We will call you if you won--be sure to bring a picture i.d. with you to pick up your prize, because we definitely don't want to give it to someone else by mistake! We will also POST the winners on our Facebook Page, so check it out!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Teen Summer Reading is Here!


In case you've been snoozing, that is this year's theme for the TEEN SUMMER READING PROGRAM, which runs from TODAY, June 17, through Friday, July 25--that's SIX WEEKS of FUN at the library for teens in grades 6-12!

First things first: SIGN UP! See that link, directly to your right, that says "Sign up for Teen Summer Reading"? CLICK IT. It will take you to our online interface, where you will answer a few informational questions and create an IDENTITY for yourself so you can return to the website later.

WHY would you want to return? Well, if you want to write online BOOK REVIEWS, for instance, you can do them there, and be included in up to three PRIZE DRAWINGS. If you want to know more about that, click the tab at the top of this page that says SUMMER Book Reviews! (While you're up there, click on Sci Fi Trivia Challenge and check that out, too.)

You can also come back to that interface to click on links to each and every activity we are having at the library for teens this summer, from readers' theater to Sci Fi LEGOs, from writing workshops to movies, crafts, and MORE!

So jump in there! Signing up implies no level of commitment--you can do one thing or everything or nothing! But if you DON'T sign up, you may miss out on something GOOD!

We hope to see YOU at the library this summer!

Note: After you sign up, come to the reference desk at any library for your SWAG BAG, containing your reading log, the trivia challenge, a brochure, and some fun stuff.