Thursday, December 4, 2014

What we're reading: Supernatural comedy/drama

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, as well as some of our book club members, will remember how much I adored Hold Me Closer, Necromancer, by Lish McBride, and its sequel, Necromancing the Stone, because I touted them here and on the main library blog.

This weekend, with great anticipation, I picked up her new book, Firebug. I wasn't disappointed...but I do have to say that this one was a little slow getting off the ground. I don't know what it was--her Necromancer books are equally complex, and also present a multitude of characters, but that story seemed to jump off the page from the first chapter, while in this one the first quarter of the book seemed like a lot of character description and scene-setting--in short, an info-dump. Which might be offputting for someone who wasn't already a fan and determined to hang in there...

It did, eventually, pick up, and turned into a good story. I was relieved to see (on the Fierce Reads website) that it's "the first book of a new series," not only because I liked the characters, but also because I feel like now that I have invested all the time to find out who they are, it would be a pity if there wasn't more payoff!

This is in some aspects a reprise of the Necromancer world-building--there are supernatural beings hiding in plain sight among all the regular folk, there are "councils" set up to rule them, there is a power-mad vampire refusing to get with the program and instead running her region like a Hollywood mobster...but I liked Ava the firebug and her gang, especially Ezra the foxy fox and Lock the intense half-dryad, and there's nothing wrong with going further into that world when it's such a varied and enjoyable one.

There were some great twists and turns, McBride's still clever with the puns and smart remarks, and I think others will join me in looking forward to what she comes up with in the next book in the series.

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