Friday, December 12, 2014

Teen reviews!

You may have noticed that we teen librarians at Burbank Public Library offer service hour credit for book reviews--one hour for one review. The reviews have to be written to our guidelines, which are under the tab at the top that says "book review guidelines" (duh). This aspect of the teen blog has gotten off to a slow start--during the past couple of years we have received a few here and there--but this year it apparently became more widespread knowledge that we offer this, because we now have about 30 teen reviews lined up for publication! (Service hours are due at our local schools this week or next.)

The reasons we are drawing this to your attention are:
1. You will be seeing a lot more teen reviews than usual during the next few weeks;
2. We are so pleased with the results!

The teen reviews we have received have been both thoughtful and thorough, and we are happy to see that they have taken this exercise seriously and done it justice instead of just doing the minimum necessary. We are proud to publish them, and for those reviewers we haven't yet spoken to in person, we'd just like to say that we would welcome your reviews any time, and not just for service credit. So if any of you enjoyed this experience, please keep reviewing for us!

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