Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Teen review: Thriller

Girl Missing, which was previously published as Peggy Sue Got Murdered, is written by Tess Gerritsen. It is a fiction book in the thriller genre. It contains 352 pages and is not part of a series. This book definitely contains some adult themes and I suggest the reading level should be high school and above, since it is more mature.

In this thrilling thriller, Kat Novak, the main character who works as a medical examiner in the morgue, receives a body one day, a Jane Doe with only one phone number in a contact book in her pocket to identify her. When the man whose number was in the phone book comes in, he acts strangely, causing Kat to become suspicious. From there Kat’s curiosity gets the best of her and she has to examine further. When it becomes apparent that this was not a normal death, she takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of it even if it is a dangerous job.

Through this exciting story you read about real life dangers, exploding houses, illegal activities, and much more. Of course, how could you forget the love interest? one that develops through crazy and potentially dangerous exploits and awkward family visits. What will happen to Kat, and what really happened to the girl? Read it to find out!

This book is a pretty quick read and it was one that was hard to put down. It is a well-written thriller about a murder that leads in an unexpected direction. I personally love mysteries, and this one kept my attention--there was never a moment when I was bored. It actually has more layers to it than just the typical murder mystery. Kat’s life isn’t as simple as it seems, and her story is an interesting one. I also really adore anything romantic, and Girl Missing has, woven within the main plot, a sweet, complicated, and touching love story to add to all the drama of a murder case. I would definitely rate this a 5, "hard to imagine a better book," because not only did it keep my attention, but it had a balance between the murder, family problems, and love story. I would personally read it again.

Reviewed by Marlena S., grade 9

Editor's note: BPL owns this as an E-book. Didn't know you could check free e-books out of the library? Yep.

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