Thursday, December 18, 2014

Teen review: Realistic fiction

In the book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, the story is narrated by a typical teen named Clay Jensen and his friend and ex co-worker, Hannah Baker. There’s just one small twist… Hannah killed herself last month. However, before doing so she recorded 13 stories on seven cassette tapes as to why she decided to take her life. For reasons unknown to Clay, he receives a package in the mail containing these tapes. As the story goes on, we see that each story pertains to a person who somehow affected Hannah in her short life.

This 158-page realistic fiction novel is not part of a series yet it is a book that is worth the short read. Due to the book's subject matter and sensitive topic, I would recommend that only high school age people or older read the book, as it may be slightly disturbing. Also, the book is told from two shifting points of view so it may be hard to follow for some. I highly recommend this book to anyone willing to read it.

Reviewed by Mallorey W., grade 9

Editor's note: BPL has copies of this book available at all three libraries. We also offer it as an audio book at the Central Library. While we agree that the subject matter of this book is difficult, most reviewers recommend it for ages 13 up. We read it in our middle school book club a few years ago.

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