Monday, December 29, 2014

Teen review: Fantasy

The Last Apprentice:
Fury of the Seventh Son
by Joseph Delaney
462 pages
Fantasy / Thriller
Series (this one is Book #13)
Reading Level: Middle School - High School (frequent violence)

Reviewed by S.C., grade 9

The book takes place around the 1400s, although that's never clarified so I'm basing this on contextual clues. The main character is Thomas Ward, who is a Spook, a man who fights the things that go bump in the night (otherwise known as witches, boggarts, demons and evil gods).

In this installment of the Last Apprentice series, Tom is still apprenticed to his master Gregory, and they face the daunting task of completing a ritual that will kill permanently the most evil of all the demons, a beast commonly called the Fiend. To do this, Tom needs four things: three swords made by the old god Hephaestus, and to sacrifice his closest friend Alice. The only problem is, Tom is in love with Alice! Tom becomes determined to find an alternative, and in doing so finds out that Alice has turned against him and is now trying to bring the Fiend back to life because--according to what she learned while adventuring into another world called the Dark--there is another evil god rising called Talkus, a god who will only be born after the Fiend dies, Alice believes that protecting the Fiend will be the lesser of two evils. Will Tom be able to destroy the Fiend without killing Alice? I guess you'll just have to find out.

If a scale of 1-5 is what would I have to use I would pick a 4.3. I loved how descriptive the book was, and how it was consistent with all of the lore about witches and such. Tom was an amazingly thought-up character who was kind and so sympathetic to everyone he met and was such a good human being.

I suggest this book for anyone; but first read the first book of the series, which is The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch.

Editor's note: I hope I picked the right cover--S.C. only specifies that it's "Book 13." I believe this is that book.

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