Sunday, December 14, 2014

Teen review: Fantasy and Dragons

Slathbog’s Gold
by M.L. Forman
406 Pages
Part of a series
Reading level: Late Elementary School – Middle School

Reviewed by S. C., grade 9

Alex never really thought anything more of his life other than living with his stepdad and working in their restaurant, until he saw a “help wanted” poster hanging in the window of a small, dusty bookshop. The strange part was that instead of saying "help," the sign said “Adventurers Wanted.” Alex decided to walk into the store and inquire as to the meaning of the sign. After the events inside, Alex gets thrown into a crazy wild adventure and gets introduced to a whole new world full of dragons, trolls, and other (more experienced) adventurers! Before Alex meets the leader of his company, Bregnest, he is sent to load up on adventure gear where some blacksmith uses a magic book to decide what type of weapon to use and the book says sword, axe or…staff…which is a wizard's weapon so that’s crazy! Or is it..? Alex meets everyone going on the adventure and they discuss the end goal: killing the great dragon Slathbog, claiming his horde of gold, and saving the kingdom!

I would give this book a 4.1 out of 5. This book is so enchanting to me, and it has a cool unique story line that captures your interest only a few pages in! Alex is truly a good human being and struggles with coming to grips with this ancient magical world at first, but soon becomes at home with all of the other adventurers.

Slathbog’s Gold is part of an amazing series called Adventurers Wanted; I highly suggest starting here and exploring this wonderful world full of lore and adventure on your own!

Editor's note: Burbank Public Library doesn't own this series, but I am mentioning it to the person who would do the ordering.

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