Thursday, December 11, 2014

Teen review: Autobiography

American Sniper
by Chris Kyle
379 pages
Nonfiction: Autobiography
Reading Level: High School-College
(because of strong language and constant violence)

Reviewed by S. C., grade 9

This interesting autobiography by Chris Kyle leads us through the turbulent life of the man who is considered to be the most lethal sniper in history. Chris leads us through all of the trials and deep inner issues and motivation for becoming a Navy SEAL, which in Chris's case is not actually that exciting. Chris is from Texas and is living as a farmhand on a large ranch, a genuine cowboy, when he starts to look for his next challenge and walks into the mall where the military has its recruitment centers. He was interested in the Marines Corps but when he went by they were out to lunch, so on his walk back to his car the Navy recruiter caught his attention and they got into a long discussion about the Navy and specifically the SEALs. After hearing amazing stories, Chris signed up right away, only to find that the SEAL pre-training program wouldn't accept him due to pins in his wrist from a rodeo accident. Time goes by, and Chris forgets all about it until he receives a call from the Navy telling him how they want him and will ignore the surgical equipment in his hand.
This is the start of an American military legend.

On a scale of 1-5 I give it a 4, simply because to me learning about the Navy SEAL training program and just his life in general was the most enticing thing. Chris is an extremely humble human being capable of amazing things.

This book is a must-read for anyone who has found him- or herself interested in the military, special operations, or specifically the Navy SEALs.

Editor's note: BPL owns this book at the Central and Buena Vista branches, and you can find it at 956.70443 KYLE in the nonfiction section. You can also check it out as an e-book!

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