Saturday, November 8, 2014

Top Writers!

Congratulations to our top writers in the Time Travel Story writing contest! We had 18 entrants, and all the stories were interesting and clever in the ways they explored time travel--thank you all for writing for us!

Our top three writers, in alphabetical order by last name, are:

Katrina Darwich, for "How the Black Death Actually Happened"
Jonathan Del Real, for "Chrononaut"
Britton Smith, for "Jennifer"
(These writers received $25 Amazon gift cards)

Our three honorable mentions, in alphabetical order, are:

Madeleine Britt, for "A Future Out of This World"
Bryson Youngblood Keefer, for "The True Pecking Order"
Matthew Stein, for "The Risen"
(These writers received two AMC movie tickets)

And the rest of our writers, all of whom showed lots of imagination and creativity, are:

Alizay Barajas
Andrew Adamian
Angelina Poghosian
Angelo Piccioni
Brooke Ferrell
Caitlyn Chapman
Camila Sanchez-Tellez
Cheyenne Stewart
Gene Koo
Julia Vinyard
Nigel Dickens
Savanna Nalbandian
(These writers received Pinkberry gift cards)

Awards were given at our PLEASANTVILLE screening on Friday night--if you didn't make it to that, please contact us at

Thanks, everyone, for participating, and one more big thank you to author Tamara Ireland Stone for serving as inspiration!

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