Monday, October 20, 2014

Teen review: realistic fiction

Girlfriend Material
by Melissa Kantor
251 pages
Realistic fiction, not part of a series
Middle-High school level
Reviewed by Kayla, 10th grade

Kate's summer went from fabulous to flat. She was going to hang out with her best friend and continue going to her writing class. However, all of her plans changed when her mom announced that they were going to Cape Cod to visit Tina, an old college buddy of hers. Cape Cod is gorgeous, but Kate doesn't know anyone there, and the only girl she does know (Tina's daughter, Sarah) is bent on pretending that Kate isn't even there. In spite of her boredom, Kate decides to go to the cool club in town, where she meets some nice teens including a super hot guy named Adam. Things start to get complicated fast, and Kate isn't sure what is going to happen. Will Sarah befriend her? Will Adam fall madly in love with her?

This book started out a little slow for me, but after the first chapter or so, I started really enjoying it. I got quickly attached to the characters, as they were very relatable because our ages are close. I also think most teens will be able to relate to these characters, because this type of situation happens often. I would recommend this book to my friends as a fun book and an easy read. I wished that it was longer or that there was a sequel, because I want to read more about Kate and Adam and the sticky situations they get into.

When I was in the library, I noticed this book because I thought the name was kind of interesting. However, when I pulled it out, the cover was kind of plain. I really like the picture of the two people drawing hearts in the sand and there is an element of mystery because you can't see their faces. I disliked the simplicity of the cover, though. I think that teens want to see really cool intricate covers. As they say, never judge a book by its cover, though, because this was a great book that I would gladly read again.

I rate this book as a 5.

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