Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Teen review: Thriller

The Naturals
by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
308 pages
Thriller--not paranormal, but with "special abilities"
Part of a series (book one)
Reading level: 9th grade and up

Reviewed by Patrick Castro, grade 11

The Naturals, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, was a great action-packed thriller about serial killers, teens with powers, and undercover cold cases from the FBI. I was happy I picked up The Naturals, since I've been reading a lot of relaxing books, I decided to kick it up. Did I regret it? No, I really liked The Naturals!

The book was fast-paced and had a great plot. A protagonist who reads peoples minds? The FBI? Cracking cold cases? Count me in! It had everything to grab anyone, and it did deliver on some parts. I really liked Cassie. She was a great character who didn't take herself too seriously, and she brought the story alive. Every aspect of the book was written amazingly, from the characters to the pacing! You'll definitely find yourself turning the pages quickly!

The writing was bothering for me. At times, I would forget who would be talking or what Cassie was talking about. And that usually meant re-reading the chapter, which kills because I love the story and I want to keep going! The book also had pages titled "YOU" and I thought it was cool, but I felt myself just skipping them and moving on.

Overall, The Naturals was a great thriller I think anyone should pick up, especially if you're looking for something to spice up your reading.

Editor's note: You can also read my review of this book and its sequel, here. And 8+9 Book Club will be reading this book in November!

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