Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Teen review: Adult novel

Reviewed by Amy Sepulveda, grade 10

While many young readers know of Eleanor and Park and Fangirl*, not many have read Rainbow Rowell’s first novel, Attachments. Because Attachments is an adult contemporary novel unlike her others, it is not as popular amongst teens.

For 323 pages, we hear the story of a man named Lincoln who reads emails for a living (he works in a tech department) and develops a love for a girl who corresponds with her friend through their company email, which gets red flagged many times. In their emails, journalist Beth and editor Jennifer talk about their personal lives and rant to each other about their relationships. They undergo life-altering experiences, sharing every detail with each other and--unknowingly--with Lincoln, though they have been warned that inappropriate email goes straight to the IT guy. They just don’t think about what they send before they do. Lincoln tries not to pay attention to the two to respect their privacy, but he cannot help it. They’re just too interesting, and it's the only good part about his extremely boring job where he has absolutely nothing else to do.

I thought this was an interesting addition to the image I have created for Rowell in my mind. I, without a doubt, fell in love with her other novels within the first chapter, and am just getting used to expanding my genres past young adult fiction, so this was a quick and intriguing read. I felt as if I personally knew the characters, because my own friends and I can easily relate to Beth and Jennifer, despite the age difference. I would rate this a 4/5 for its alluring story and title.

*Editor's note: BPL apparently doesn't own Attachments, although I will take steps to remedy this, because I liked it too! If you have NOT read E&P and Fangirl, you're missing some good reading--check them out! We also have her newest adult novel, Landline, of which I was not quite as fond, but still a good read.

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