Thursday, July 17, 2014

Your trivia challenge is due!

Remember WAY back in June, when you registered for Teen Summer Reading, and you received your swag bag, and you found in it a SET FORTH! TRIVIA CHALLENGE???

Remember that?

Well, that thing has a due date, and that date is TOMORROW! Friday, July 18, no later than 5:30 p.m.! Yes, that's right, time slipped away from you (just like it does with homework assignments, right?) and now it has run out! The difference, however, between this and a homework assignment, is that you get a PRIZE if you do a good job on it, and we don't mean an A+ written in red pencil, we mean an actual PRIZE.

So turn in your trivia challenge, and find out NEXT FRIDAY at our Summer Reading FINALE (July 25) whether YOU are one of the top trivia masters!

Speaking of our finale...

Put STEAMPUNK or SCI FI images on your T-shirt, using bleach or paint!
(There is a REGULAR drawing at this program; there are prizes for the BOOK REVIEWERS; there are TRIVIA prizes...where, oh where does it end?)

Well, um, it ends FRIDAY. So COME!

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