Thursday, July 10, 2014

Teen review: It's a Hoot

Hoot is a New York Times bestseller by Carl Hiaasen. It is a 292-page realistic fiction/children’s literature book. Hoot is the first book out of four in its series, the others being Flush, Scat, and Chomp. Hoot is definitely age-appropriate for kids 10 and up. It was an easy read and the story was good, but it wasn’t so complicated that any 10-year-old couldn't understand.
This book is about a seventh-grade boy named Roy Eberhardt, who just moved to Florida. He is put into a middle school where bullying is basically no big deal. He is picked on a lot, but he stays strong and stands up for himself. Beatrice Leep is the tough girl in the school who goes to Roy to ask him to help her brother and herself. Beatrice’s brother (Mullet Fingers) shows Roy that a construction site is going to destroy a whole bunch of burrowing owls' homes. They have to find a way to stop the destruction.

I liked that it was accessible and entertaining enough to keep me reading the book. It did get slow-paced at some parts, but once you got through it, the book was great. I give this book a 3 out of 5 because it was fun to read, but it didn’t ENGAGE me. If you want something quick and easy to read, I recommend this book to you, because it does not use tough vocabulary and is very straightforward.

Reviewed by Maya P., 9th grade

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