Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Book Clubs! TTT!

Summer reading is over…NOT! It's time for the members of the TEEN BOOK CLUBS to get together, meet the new members, and choose their first book of the year, to discuss in September at their first meeting of the school year!

We meet TONIGHT, July 30th, at 7:00 p.m., at the Central Library (upstairs). This meeting is for book club members only.

Please note that the 10-12 Book Club is full, but we are accepting names for the waiting list. If you are a teen who wishes to join either the 8+9 or 6+7 Book Clubs, please contact teen librarians Melissa Elliott and Anarda Williams, at tonight if possible, so that you can be included at this meeting. There are still a few places available in those two clubs.

Current members: Bring suggestions of books you would like to propose that we read! Your fellow book club members would much rather read something recommended by YOU! (We will bring some ideas as well, if you're stumped, but THINK!) Remember that they have to be age-appropriate to your group…

Another reading-related reminder--there are still ballots for the Teens' Top Ten books of the year available, and soon the voting will begin! You can download the ballot here, and keep track of the ones you have read, pick a few more you want to read, and prepare to vote! We will post when the voting is open.

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