Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ya wanna be a writah?

If you have aspirations to write, come to our SCIENCE FICTION WRITING WORKSHOP, TODAY! Wednesday, June 25, at 3:00, at the Buena Vista branch. It's being taught by author Brennan Harvey, who was the first-place winner in the prestigious International Writers of the Future contest for the first quarter of 2010. His work has appeared in science fiction magazines and writing anthologies, and this is a great opportunity to learn with and get the inside scoop from a published author!

The subject is world-building: Does your world evoke all the senses? How does scenery make your world believable? Are people living or simply existing in your world? Techniques will include mind mapping (instructor-led), beginning-ending exercises (team collaboration), and love-hate plot building (self-directed).

We ask that you SIGN UP for this workshop, so email with your name, email address, and telephone number TODAY!

But…if you just saw this five minutes before the workshop, come on down--we'll squeeze you in!

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