Monday, June 2, 2014

Register today!

The registration for this year's Teen Summer Reading Program is now

Our theme is "Set Forth! New Worlds Await You..." and we have some great things planned for you between June 17 and July 25! Please note that signing up is NOT a commitment to do anything--you can read and record one book, write one book review, or attend one can do everything or do nothing! So if you are going to be at your grandma's house in Iowa for two weeks, don't worry--sign up anyway! Because...if you ARE signed up, you are eligible to win great PRIZES at all our summer reading programs, so it's definitely an advantage!

Here's what you do:
1. Go to and sign up.
2. Come to the library to receive your swag bag (at the reference desk).
3. Start participating in activities, crafts, and programs on June 17!

Here are some activities to do during the six weeks:

  • READ: For every book you read and add to your reading log, you can get a ticket to put into the jar at your library branch's reference desk. Every Friday at noon, we DRAW THREE NAMES (at each branch), and those people win gift cards to Jamba Juice, or Ben and Jerry's, or In-N-Out...that's 18 chances to win! And of course, the more books you read, the more tickets you put in the jar, the better your chances...
  • WRITE: Go back to the online site where you registered and write us some book reviews! Nothing long and complicated--just a few sentences telling what the book is about, and a few more telling what you thought of it. For every book review you write, you are entered in a drawing--there is one every other Friday, so your best plan is to write book reviews during each two-week period to be in ALL the drawings. These are far more valuable prizes, like a movie ticket, a See's Candy gift certificate, a Barnes & Noble card...
  • TRIVIA: We have a Trivia Challenge based on the science fiction bookmarks you receive in your swag bag! Prizes for the top five performers on this.
And then there are our PROGRAMS. If you want a sneak peak, take a look at our brochure to see readers' theater, performers, crafts, writing workshops, movies and more!

So REGISTER TODAY and join us at the library this summer! (For teens in grades 6-12.)

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