Thursday, May 29, 2014

Teen Review: Geektastic!

The book Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd was marvelously edited by Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci. There are 400 pages of so many different stories in each chapter. So it isn’t part of a series. This is a realistic fiction that has a lot of comedy and humor. Geektastic is fantastic for audiences in grades 9 –12 who love geekiness in general.

Geektastic shows 15 stories about sci-fi geeks, theater geeks, astronomy geeks, archaeology geeks, cosplay geeks, fantasy geeks, comic book geeks, and just geeks in general. In between each chapter there are interesting cartoons that explores more geekiness of the story. Some of these chapters will include parts about Star Wars, Star Trek and much more. Since everyone has a geeky side to them, it’s time to embrace your inner geek. This story has reminded me what it means to be a geek and to have fun while you’re at it.

Each story is a realistic look at the lives of teens that are full of geekiness and deals with the problems with it. Some stories include situations in which social boundaries are crossed, or when they deal with extreme circumstances that result from their geeky actions. For example, when geeks are online gaming. However, each story is heartwarming in its own way. Jedi, Klingons, knights, epic battles, quiz bowls, etc. were thrown in occasionally to keep each reader happy.

I love this book and so far my friends do too, because we embrace our inner geekiness. I loved how they wrote this because sometimes I just can’t stick with just one story or else I would get bored of reading it. I would recommend this book full of awesomeness to people in high school. The cover is also awesome because it represents me and my friends in some ways. I would also hope this helps other people to embrace their inner geek. So I would think Geektastic is better than most.

Reviewed by J.D. , grade 9

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