Friday, May 23, 2014

Last book club report

No, not forever, just for this school year!

Calculus tests and play practice thinned our ranks at our last meeting of the 10-12 Book Club, but we still had 11 voting members to rate Neal Shusterman’s Unwind, a speculative fictional look at the logical outcomes of Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice forces, an enthusiastic 9. Some planned to immediately read the two sequels (and wait impatiently for Book 4, coming out in August), while others liked the way Shusterman wrapped up the first book so much that they didn’t want to risk it! We’re always a little sad at our last meeting of the year, as we send our graduating seniors out into the world, but we have every confidence they will succeed, and also that they will come back to visit! Here's a picture from our last club meeting:

Sixteen members of the 8+9 Book Club awarded Anna and the French Kiss, by Stephanie Perkins, a solid rating of 8. A few people who disliked it brought down the curve from everyone else who loved it. We have 12 members of this club moving up to the 10-12 Book Club next year--giving us 26 in that club! So for now, membership is closed for 10-12. (But if you're in 6th-9th, there's definitely room for you in those clubs!)

At our final meeting of this year's 6+7 Book Club, all but one were in attendance, giving us a turnout of 13. We had read Across the Universe, by Beth Revis, a story about an “ark ship” traveling from Earth to Alpha Centauri, which received a more than respectable rating of 8. We have five moving up from this club to the 8+9 next year, and at least five coming in from the 4th and 5th Grade Book Club, including some “legacy” members (little brothers and sisters of our current bunch). We will have one family with one member in each of our three teen clubs!

We had an awesomely fun time with all of you this year, and look forward to seeing you over the summer at SET FORTH!, our Teen Summer Reading Program. You can sign up for TSRP starting June 2--watch the blog for the link!

We'll be in touch about a mid-summer meeting to select our books for Fall.

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