Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What we're reading: Book club books

The book for 6+7 Book Club this month was Bad Girls Don't Die, by Katie Alender, a horror story. I liked it well enough to write a review of it; the club liked it well enough to give it an 8.5 rating out of 10.

Alexis is 15, and she lives in a creepy old Victorian house with her parents (who are rarely home) and her little sister, Kasey, who's 12. She's an outsider at school, not fitting well into any clique, so she doesn't have close friends, and spends her spare time on her photography. She has a potential boyfriend, but when things start going badly at home, she makes a choice to keep him out of it by discouraging his interest. She has an arch-nemesis, Megan Wiley, the leader of the cheerleader pack. Sounds like a normal life in high school, right? But...her sister has been acting weird lately. She spends way too much time with her doll collection, and she's started talking about a new friend, whom no one ever meets...or do they? Then bad things start to happen...

This was just the right amount of horror for me. Creepy, a few gasps here and there, but not overwhelming. I liked Alexis, with her attitude and her independence. Kasey was a satisfyingly whiny but endearing little sister when she was herself, and when she wasn''ll find out. I liked the love interest, Carter, and how he wasn't who Alexis thought he was, and ditto Megan the Cheerleader. Alexis's house was a character all by itself, and a good one--I want to see it, but I do NOT want to live in it!

The cover really has absolutely nothing to do with the story, and yet it works, because it's sufficiently disturbing to make you want to pick up the book--and you do want to pick this up and read it! I think I will continue on to the sequel, From Bad to Cursed, and the third book, As Dead As It Gets. Although...I might save them for Hallowe'en week!

I tried my hand at some fan art--I wanted to paint the creepy doll with the glowing green eyes--but I didn't quite pull it off. Dolls are hard! They are made to look like humans, so you want to paint them realistically but you want them to look like a doll looking like a human, which means the hair has to look like hair but also like a wig, the skin needs to look smooth like porcelain or plastic, not like skin...and in the process, the creepy aspect escaped me--she looks a little blank. Maybe I'll give this another try sometime.

Note: If you love dolls, you may not want to read this--it could ruin them for you forever!

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