Sunday, March 30, 2014

Teen Review: Earlier John Green

Title: Paper Towns
Author: John Green
Number of pages: 305
Genre: YA, realistic fiction
Is it part of a series? No
Reading level: 8th grade up
Reviewed by: Patrick Castro, 10th grade

Reading The Fault in Our Stars before Paper Towns, I had a sense of John Green and his killer writing. His third novel is fully amazing. It's provocative, engaging, and utterly moving--you connect with all his characters and really feel their experiences. I think John Green gets every reader both emotionally and physically, and you guys don't know how excited I was to pick up Paper Towns for the first time!

In Paper Towns, we meet Quentin Jacobson, who has always had an eye for Margo Roth Spiegelman. They even have their rooms right across from each other (they are neighbors) and they can see each other from their windows. Most of John Green's characters we meet are so real and wholehearted, you connect. It's like PB&J. *gets hungry and makes one* As the novel progresses, Q grows and the adventures we see him and Margo go through are amazing. It's like those moments where you dream of doing all the bad things you ever wanted to do--reading those pages was an escape!

I mean, who wouldn't want to play pranks on the school bully or the most perfect girl in school and see their reactions? *raises hand* But after all those adventures, Margo disappears and it's now up to Q to piece together the clues to find her in a Paper Town world.

The book was wickedly genius, especially the plot. It was so unexpected and not formulaic at all, I love books that do this. So it makes it a true YA classic for me, because whenever you decide to pick it up again, you never know what to expect. Great job, John Green! *throws confetti* I actually had a couple of things I didn't like about John Green's writing, like it was too loose. By that I mean that at times it was all over the place and it didn't hook me, and then other times it did. I wanted consistency, and I didn't fully get it.


Margo honestly was one of those annoying characters in the beginning, but towards the end you finally see the struggles she had to face with her and family. It was tough.

Honest Question: Who would leave just after a night of adventures? I would so stay and see how it all plays out...That's me, but what about you?

I started to hate her in the beginning, like who honestly does all this stuff? She had that kick back attitude.

Overall, I loved Paper Towns a lot, it's definitely one of those rainy day books or a sunny day read. It's one of those book you definitely have to buy and own because when you re-read it again you never know what other meanings John Green has in store.

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