Saturday, February 22, 2014

Teen review: New series

Title: Frozen
Author: Melissa De La Cruz
Number of pages: 336
Genre: Dystopia, science fiction, action
Is it part of a series?

Yes, Heart of Dread #1
Reading level: High School
Reviewed by:

Patrick Castro, 10th grade

Frozen is a book you MUST pick up if you love Mel and her Blue Bloods series. In Frozen, she has teamed up with her husband to deliver a thrilling, riveting, and action-packed novel.

I have to admit this was my second time attempting Frozen, and this time I made it through! The first time around I was honestly second-guessing Mel and the book, but the second time I really wanted to like it, and I did! I cannot wait to see how Mel writes the next book in this series, and I'm crossing my fingers for it to be even better than the first.

I was like What, again?

In Frozen, we meet Natasha Kestal, a blackjack dealer in New Vegas who has dreams of going into the Blue. The Blue is a semi-mythical paradise where the sun still shines (everywhere else is covered in ice), and going there means a rich life, one in which she doesn't have to live on a day-to-day basis earning money with blackjack. Natasha is also hiding a deep secret--one she doesn't even know herself--and she would be safe in the Blue.

I really loved Nat! She was so assertive and moving. You really get into her character, and I liked watching her grow throughout the novel. She also meets no-good Ryan Wesson, whom she has to trust to go to the Blue. The romance aspect of Frozen was great. It wasn't mushy love stuff, but it was great seeing that tension between them.

The action part of the book was great. Mel finally grows away from her vampires and does some kick-ass scenes. I loved seeing them come alive in my head! It was the perfect balance of Mel's writing with her husband's more mature writing. Having good writing = strong characters and plot line, which was what made Frozen shine. The cast of characters is great--with different personalities, you get the gist of what's more to come. :-)


Fist pumps and claps 

Frozen is a MUST READ for any fan of Mel and the Blue Blood series, or anyone looking for something to spice up their current reading I really liked it, and I cannot wait for anything else Mel has in store!

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