Friday, February 7, 2014

Teen Review: Conjured

Title: Conjured
Author: Sarah Beth Durst
Number of pages: 368
Is it part of a series? No
Reading level: high school
Reviewed by:
Patrick Castro, 10th grade

Conjured, by Sarah Beth Durst, is what I would called a "mixed bag of emotions," not in a good way or a bad way. I had such high expectations for this novel, and it ended up delivering some of them but not fully dazzling me. It was a very unique book, and I think it is one everyone should try; you might not know how you will end up liking it.

Eve has a completely new life. She has no recollection of or memories of her past, and she is slowly learning to adapt to her environment. I think most readers would find this clichéd off the bat, as I did, but Sarah brings her own take on it and, a bonus, she doesn't focus mainly on the memories part. Conjured was a definite surprising read and I can't see what is next for Sarah.

This book had:
  • A protagonist suffering from amnesia
  • Witness Protection Program
  • Magic
These are the things that absolutely hooked me into the book, but when I look back it wasn't as perfectly woven together as I would have liked. It suffered from "big expectation syndrome." I'm happy to say there are some well-written scenes with Eve. I LOVED how easy with was to pick up this book and not be bogged down in heavy writing or scenes where you don't remember what happened.

Conjured is a great book if you love smooth writing integrated with magic, witness protection program stories, and/or even a protagonist undergoing that amnesia syndrome. I love how unique it was! I can definitely see myself picking up any of Sarah's books soon!

Editor's note: Here is Sarah Beth Durst's website, with some other comments…

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