Monday, January 6, 2014

Teen Review: A "caper" novel

Title: Heist Society
Author: Ally Carter
Genre: Suspense
Part of Series: Yes
Reading Level: Grades 7-12th
Reviewed by: Anonymous, 9th grade

Katrina Bishop is a teenage thief and con artist. She has been trained by the best, a.k.a. her family. She attempts to escape that life by going to a boarding school, but is pulled out by a friend and accomplice, Hale, who needs help to protect Katrina's father from a ruthless mobster. The mobster believes her father stole his priceless art collection, and he intends to recover the art back, regardless of the expense or consequences. The adventure takes you to different cities and continents before its thrilling conclusion. Along the way you meet interesting and fascinating characters in the world of art, crime, and international intrigue.

Heist Society truly is a captivating story. It is extremely hard for the reader not to become engrossed within the book itself. I, for one, had a hard time even putting it down. The writing is so real and engaging that it is in development to become a feature film. The adventure yet realness of it is what make it so appealing. Heist Society is perfect for the young detective, because of the twists and turns and having to prove someone innocent and someone guilty. It reminds me of Spy Kids or Nancy Drew, but with a more adult and sophisticated plot.

I really loved the character of Katrina Bishop. Even though she is a con artist, I was still able to connect with her character. This is due to the fact, like all of us, Katrina desires to be normal and accepted. Being able to witness that vulnerability made it easier to connect with a person who is 16 years old going on a mission to prove her father's innocence. This book is actually one of my favorites now, and I cannot wait to read the other books in this series!

Rating: 5

Editor's note: Drew Barrymore has signed on to direct the movie. The sequels are Uncommon Criminals and Perfect Scoundrels; the library owns both of them (plus the first two as audio books).

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