Monday, January 13, 2014

Teen Review: Angel in My Pocket

Angel in my Pocket, by Ilene Cooper, is a 278-page middle/ high school-level read that has earned a 5/5 in my eyes.

Angel in my Pocket opens up from the point of view of a 12-year-old girl named Bette, who is struggling to let go of her past and attempt to move on from the death of her mother. She gives up her wondrous talent of singing even though she goes to a performing arts school. When her older sister, Barbra, gives her a coin resembling a quarter with an angel on it, and an enigmatic new neighbor moves into the apartment below hers, her life miraculously begins to be positively altered by the choices the angel coin influences her to make. When passed on, the coin brings auspiciousness and positive changes to the lives of others in need around Bette.

After reading and falling in love with the plot and characters after just one chapter, I was inseparable from the book. I felt as if I personally knew some of the young characters we follow as they change for the better. Cooper has written sensational universal characters that can not only be learned from, but can be thought of as role models for anyone who needs their own change.

One specific boy in the story, Andy Minkus, got me wondering about the people in my own life who do not make it obvious that they don’t have as nice of a life. His actions, despite how he was treated, led him to be an admirable character that many people could learn from. I suddenly began to think of what we could do to help change that for them. What if we are peoples' angels who help guide them to better lives?

Reviewed by Amy Sepulveda

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