Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014! 2014! 2014!

It's 2014--time to celebrate, and then...time to make resolutions, a fresh start, a new plan?

For instance: How many books do you think you will read this year? Why not set yourself a goal on Goodreads like I did last year? It's a great way to keep track of your books (when you read them, what you thought of them, how high or low you rated them), write reviews (that you can also share with us here, please!), see what other people thought of the same book, trade recommendations, discover new authors, win Advance Reader Copies (I think I won three last year!)... If you do join Goodreads, be sure to "friend" us (individually, or under the group Burbank Teens Read!). Sorry, I'm sounding like an ad here, but I really enjoyed keeping up with both my reading and fellow readers that way this year, and thought maybe I could entice you to join me.

We're hoping (and will do our best to make sure) that the blog continues to be something you want to read. We never thought when we started it that we'd get so many people checking in--more than 1,000 a month since we started it almost two years ago (in February, 2012). Thanks for reading, thanks for participating (especially by submitting reviews). We're always thrilled to hear from you, whether formally or informally (by a "this is cool" checkmark in a box, a comment, or a review for service hours credit).

We have enjoyed blogging with you this year, and hope to add new readers, writers, and friends in 2014! Happy New Year!

Melissa & Anarda
Burbank Public Library

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