Saturday, December 28, 2013

Teen Review:

Title: Time After Time
Author: Tamara Ireland Stone
Number of pages: 368
Genre: Realistic
Is it part of a series? Yes, #2
Reading level: 7th grade and above
Reviewed by: Patrick Castro, 10th grade

I fell in love with Time After Time and I have to say that it is way better than Time Between Us! Time After Time had the perfect elements of Time Between Us, but written from Bennett's perspective, which made it relateable and spell-binding at the same time. I loved it and would definitely not mind re-reading it!

Because it was written from Bennett's perspective, I thought it would just crash and fall, since every book written in a guy perspective just fails (Patrick's opinion! --ed.), but this was done flawlessly! Tamara gave him a good voice throughout the whole book, and I related to everything he went through with Anna. There is more of an exploration of the struggles of time traveling, but also the relationship aspects. There were a great number of romance scenes, mixed with the time traveling and family parts. It's a job well done.

The book is part bittersweet, especially towards the end when Bennett makes a heart-wrenching choice for Anna! (Be ready for tears!) Tamara does a great job of playing with your emotions. Overall, Time After Time is a memorable sophomore book to Time Between Us, with a fresh new voice from Bennett. I am excited to see what Tamara has in store next time!

Editor's note: BPL owns Time Between Us, but Time After Time is still on order.

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