Thursday, December 26, 2013

Teen review: Tech fiction

Title: The Social Code
Author: Sadie Hayes
Number of pages: 320
Genre: Realistic fiction
Part of a series? Yes (The Start-up, #1)
Reading level: 8th grade and up
Reviewed by:
Patrick Castro, 10th grade

The Social Code was a a great read filled with the world of technology, backstabbing, and decisions. Sadie Hayes created a world so true to people's motives and ambitions for a successful life. Even though it was a quick read, it was a memorable one, and I'm excited to see how the second book delves into this world of technology!

One thing I loved about The Social Code was that it wasn't my normal niche of YA. I usually try to push myself, but The Social Code was completely different because of the premise. And definitely the technological aspect of the book, I mean who would pick that up? But no, Sadie Hayes sucks you into the world of Silicon Valley with Adam and Amelia Dory. Amelia and Adam are students at Stanford, and while Adam likes to explore his options, Amelia loves to decode and decode.

The fast-paced plot and characters really made the book a strong and moving one, and I enjoyed every second of it. It was a true page-turner, which surprised me because it wasn't in my niche. I am now more inspired to pick up books similar to this. I seriously kept turning the pages with excitement to see how everything would turn out with Adam and Amelia! The same goes for the other characters in the book, who we get a taste of in small plot lines. Wickedly genius, Sadie! All the characters were so real and I could feel the emotions jump off the page. 

The Social Code is definitely a book you should try, especially if you're an avid reader. The book grows with you throughout the plot, and the characters were real and honest: Anyone could relate to the choices they had to make and situations they were in. In the middle of betrayal and distrust, Sadie Hayes creates a true, honest world where anyone can place themselves in Adam and Amelia's shoes.

Editor's note: We have this book on order for Central and Buena Vista, and it will be available very soon...

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