Friday, December 13, 2013

Teen Review: Fantasy

Title: The Emerald Atlas
Author: John Stephens
Number of pages: 417
Genre: Fantasy
Part of a series: Yes
Reading level: Grades 7-9
Reviewed by: G. R., grade 9

The Emerald Atlas is about three siblings who have been separated from their parents since they were infants. This was in order to protect them from their dangerous fate. The children are destined to bring the Books of The Beginning together, books that have the power to re-create the world. Their fate contains many threats, as dangerous people try to find the books for their own wicked use.

This was an amazing book, with an interesting plot. I loved how detailed it was, and how during the story you learn more about the characters' pasts, and how their lives were affected. I also enjoyed how the author mixed parts of mystical worlds into the story, giving you the full effect of magic. The book is suspenseful, and kept me on my toes, anticipating the next chapter the entire time I was reading it.

I would most definitely recommend this book to my friends, or to anyone who loves books. It’s great for readers who enjoy books full of fantasy, with a bit of mystery and magical life thrown in. The cover was very intricate, showing multiple parts of their adventures throughout the story. While I was reading the book, the farther I got, the more the cover began to make sense to me. Overall, this is a perfect book, part of a spectacular trilogy (of which the last book is still being written). It is hard to imagine a better series than this one, which is now one of my many favorites.

Editor's note: Burbank Public Library has this as a regular book, an e-book, and an audio book, so it's your choice of format!

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