Thursday, October 10, 2013

Did you vote yet???

This week is TEEN READ WEEK, and it's your last chance to vote for the TEENS' TOP TEN of 2013! Remember those ballots we had lying around the teen section all summer? Well, NOW is when you need to remind yourself which books you loved, and vote! Go here before October 19! Below is a video to remind you of the nominees:

Here also are some reviews of some of the books on the list, by Melissa, Anarda, or one of our guest or teen bloggers. This isn't to say you should vote for these particular books, it's just some additional input:
Code Name Verity
Kill Me Softly
Wake (and its sequel)
Grave Mercy
The Raven Boys (by Melissa)
The Raven Boys (by teen reviewer Patrick C.)

And if you haven't yet read any of the books on the list, what better time than TEEN READ WEEK to do so? Read something just for the fun of it!

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