Monday, September 16, 2013

Teen Review: Spell singer

Title: Chantress
Author: Amy Butler Greenfield
Pages: 336
Genre: Fantasy
Part of a series? Yes
Level: High school
Reviewed by: Farah M.

“Sing and the darkness will find you….”

Lucy Marlowe is the last known chantress alive. What are chantresses? They are spell singers, casting their spells with songs. When Lucy was very young, she was a castaway on an island with her guardian, Norrie. Lucy is now 15, and she’s grown up believing that a shipwreck left them stranded there, but she always knew something was wrong with Norrie’s superstitions about singing. On a fateful All Hallows Eve, an enchantment Lucy blindly sings turns her life upside down as she’s sent back to England, which is now ruled by a tyrannical leader known as Scargrave. Trying to escape, she runs into a boy named Nat, who doesn’t take kindly to her but nonetheless brings her to safety...for now.

Chantress is a rollercoaster of emotions. Some characters you’ll love, and some characters you’ll just want to strangle. However, Lucy’s strength and determination drive the story and lead her to excel and to become a symbol of hope for everyone, even when she feels like hope is lost. From the cover, you can tell this girl has a load of hidden power but with no understanding of the perils ahead.

If you are looking for a girl whose hero sweeps her off her feet, then this isn’t the right book for you. If you’re interested in a brave heroine who is pulled straight out of her comfort zone into a new life of anguish and a slow festering love, along with a longing to unveil her inner self to meet everyone’s expectations, then I recommend this book!

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