Friday, September 13, 2013

Teen Review: Fantasy by Patterson

Title: The Angel Experiment
Author: James Patterson
Number of Pages: 432
Genre: Fantasy/Sci Fi
Series Affiliation: The Maximum Ride Series
Reading Level: Middle School
Rating: 3
Reviewed by: K. G. Mitchell, 12th grade

The Angel Experiment is the first time we encounter Max and her adoptive “flock” of siblings as they attempt to stay hidden from “The School.” This school is not the typical place with a principal, a math or English teacher, or even a cafeteria. Instead, this kind of school conducts experiments on children and teens who have been abducted from their homes as babies. These experiments give these most unfortunate teens and kids abnormal features that are highly desired by most...wings to fly! However, every gift comes with a price, right? This is what we learn as we follow Max while she tries to rescue Angel, a lost member of her family who was kidnapped by the school shortly after the kids and teens escaped. Determined and ready to give her life, Max leads the remaining members of the family on an epic flight to save their sister.

I must start by saying that The Angel Experiment is quite enjoyable. There are twists and turns in almost every chapter. Author James Patterson does a great job of providing the reader with a feeling of anxiety to know more about the fate of the lovable characters. This is one of the things I find interesting about this specific story. These characters' personalities are so different from each other, but blend really well into teamwork skills. Something I both like and dislike is the short chapters. If you are anything like me, I’m not too fond of long chapters. They make me feel like I haven’t made any progress when I actually have. But the short chapters also make the story feel a bit rushed. Decide for yourself--but for my personal taste, the chapters in The Angel Experiment are long enough to be effective but short enough to keep you wanting more.

I like the way Patterson narrates the story through the eyes of Max. Max is a very strong-willed girl who has no problem expressing what’s on her mind. There is a lot of humor involved in this story that made me LOL. There is also a high level of violence, with descriptive details of many fight scenes and a few deaths, as well as explosive car chases that could make anyone a little antsy. I encourage those who like reading humorous books with an in-depth adventure and detailed back story to read The Angel Experiment. Warning: It’s easy to get lost in this exciting adventure.

Editor's note: We also have this as an audiobook, and we have the sequels.

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