Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's time to vote!

During the summer, did any of your reading include the 28 nominations for the Teens' Top Ten of 2013? Did you perchance pick up the handy BALLOT we made for you? and read some of the books on it and mark off whether you "loved it!" "hated it" or it was just "so-so"?

If so, it's time to vote! If not, you can still vote on any of the books you have read. In fact, you can still pick up a ballot in your teen section at the library, or download it from our website! (Scroll to the bottom and print out the pdf.) To vote for your top books and be counted towards the Teens' Top Ten, go to the voting link and choose your faves! (Some possibilities below--not trying to skew the vote, just adding a little color and interest to this blog post, honest!)

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