Monday, July 22, 2013

Teen Review: Realistic Fiction

A review by M.G. Lewis

Paper Towns is an award-winning young adult fictional novel by John Green. Its 305 pages are full of mystery, romance, and suspense. Just like the rest of Green’s works (all of which stand on their own, and are not part of a series), Paper Towns is written in an easy-flow, yet compelling way that makes it fun for mostly all age levels. However, due to relatively mild language and a mature theme, as a ninth grader, I would put this book at anywhere from a 7-12 grade reading level.

In Paper Towns, geeky high school protagonist Quentin or ‘Q’ has had a crush on thrilling, rule-breaking Margo Roth Spiegelman since the two were childhood friends and neighbors; however, by the time they are in high school Q has stayed geeky, while Margo has drifted towards the ‘popular crowd.’ When Margo brings Q back into her life for a night of outrageous prank-pulling on fellow classmates, Q thinks that things will be just the way it was when they were kids. Until Margo disappears.

Margo is known for running away and leaving obscure clues as to where she has gone, so Q and his friends set out on a journey to try to put Margo’s clues together and find her.

In this book, Q is a highly relatable, socially awkward teenager whose narration is both funny and intelligent. I personally could not put the book down, and was done with the thing in a matter of hours. This masterpiece will keep any reader turning pages and sitting on the edge of their seat. Overall, this is yet another Green novel that will stay with you for a long time after you turn the last page. I would give it a 5/5 rating, and definitely recommend it to anyone who loves books, mysteries, suspense, romance, or just having a good time.

Editor's note: If you, too, are a John Green fan(atic), I found this tumblr site with "epic quotes of John Green." You might enjoy it...

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