Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Book Reviews Part 1

This year, teens are writing book reviews as part of their Teen Summer Reading experience. We will periodically publish a group of these short reviews here, so you can see what other teens in your neighborhood are reading!

From Anis, some nonfiction:

Foods of Italy, by Barbara Sheen
This book talks about the foods that are made and eaten in Italy. I would have to say my favorite food in the book would be lasagna. I also like that it gives recipes for pastries. I would recommend this book to people at school.

From Patrick C.:

Wake was one book I had to pick up since I loved Amanda Hocking's Trylle series! Wake was definitely way better--a fresh, exciting, and enticing take on mermaids and sirens in YA! I was completely hooked by Wake and was enthralled by the world Amanda Hocking created! 

Gemma and Harper both live in a beachesque neighborhood filled with the docks, the ocean, and the water. The dual perspective with Gemma and Harper worked wonders for the book. I loved seeing how each sister had her own personality. There also happen to be three new girls in town: Penn, Lexi, and Thea. The characters had life to them and a spunk that I loved.

I honestly thought the mermaid/siren part of Wake was going to be off-the-charts cliche, but thankfully it wasn't! Also, it wasn't mermaids but focused on mythology and sirens, which was like a total insta-like! The story the girls told Gemma was really intriguing! The action towards the end was really cool too. 

Wake also had a few things I didn't like: It was too character driven, and the concept needed work. The good thing was that it wasn't romance driven! YES YES YES! Overall, I loved Wake and I'm already reading Lullaby right now! Pick it up if you want a new start to a promising series.

[Editor's note: This book is on order.]

From Laney R.:

The Adrian Mole Diaries,
by Sue Townsend
The Adrian Mole Diaries is a collection of journal entries by a thirteen-year-old undiscovered intellectual named Adrian Mole. The journals are basically day-by-day reports on the events occurring in Adrian's life, most of which are about his dog, his mother and father's relationship issues, his lover, Pandora, and his views on the world and life. I really enjoyed this book because of the humor, but it was a bit hard to relate to because it was written from the viewpoint of a thirteen-year-old English guy in the '80s. But overall, the book was amazing and I highly recommend it to others.

From Caleb V.:

Midnight for Charlie Bone,
by Jenny Nimmo
Ten-year-old Charlie Bone gets the surprise of his life when he finds out that he can hear people in photographs and that he has to go off to Bloor's Academy, a school for children who have certain talents. Once there, he finds that he is not alone--there are others like him. He will have to help uncover the mysterious past of one of them. This book is a good read that is full of magic and mystery.

From Jessie Y.:

The book Out Of My Mind is a novel written by Sharon M. Draper. It is about a girl named Melody who has cerebral palsy, which affects the body, not her mind. Melody's lack of cooperation with herself can drive her crazy, hence the term, out of my mind. She is extremely intelligent, and no one knows it. She receives a talking machine that talks for her. When her classmates win a contest that sends them to D.C., they leave Melody behind and lose. This book is one of my favorite books and I highly recommend this.

Remember, for each book review you write, you will be entered in one of our bi-weekly prize drawings. Only the people who write a review in each two-week period are entered in that drawing, so it's good odds, and the prizes are nice!

This last book is my pick for favorite cover of the week!

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